Cosenza, Italy: Birth of the “Franco Di Gioia” Archive of Documentation 

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Birth of the “Franco Di Gioia” Archive of Documentation (Cosenza, Italy, January 2021)

It is available, within the anarchist space “Lunanera”, the archival material of comrade Franco Di Gioia.

The archive contains books, texts, documents, magazines, posters, flyers and newspapers of the anarchist movement from the twenties to the present day.

The material is in consultation and distribution within the library “Lunanera” which already contains in a specific fund some texts belonged to comrade Franco.

The proceeds from the material in distribution will go to support the struggles, the comrades in prison, the press and anarchist publishing.

Shortly we will inform about upcoming initiatives.

Anarchists of Cosenza and Grisolia
January 2021

Note: The anarchist space “Lunanera” is located on viale della repubblica 293 in Cosenza, Calabria region.

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