Chile: In March and all year round: memory, solidarity and anarchic agitation against power


Received and translated on 13.03.17:

March is a month that is particularly full of milestones that invite us with special strength to take to the streets and spread the anarchic agitation, with memory and solidarity as insurrectionist tools of action.

Among these milestones is the so-called ‘Women’s Day’ (March 8), a day that like other commemorations has been assimilated by reformism and the market, offering us the possibility to spread anti-patriarchal ideas and link them with anti-state and anti-authoritarian critiques, marking our differences with social-democratic, leftist and / or authoritarian feminism.

Another important event that occurred in March was the ‘Pampa Irigoin massacre’ (also known as the Puerto Montt massacre), which occured on March 9, 1969 under the government of Eduardo Frei Montalva. By order of the Minister of the Interior, Edmundo Pérez Zujovic, police agents murdered nine villagers who had illegally occupied a plot of land to live with their families outside the city. As revenge for what happened, Pérez Zujovic was assassinated in June 1971 by members of the armed left-wing group Organized Vanguard of the People (VOP).

Also this month, March 10 marks the sixth anniversary of the murder of comrade Lambros Foundas who was shot dead in Greece during a shoot-out with police after attempting to steal a car. Lambros was a member of the anarchist guerrilla organization Revolutionary Struggle, and as his comrades stated later, the theft of the vehicle was part of a planned operation.

This month we also commemorate the death of comrade Javier Recabarren, who on March 18, 2015 was run over and killed by a public transportation bus in the city of Santiago. During his short 11 years of life, Javier had already manifested on the streets his radical opposition to speciesism, prisons and authority. For this reason, this year – just like last year – a call has been issued for a ‘Week of Agitation in Memory of Javier Recabarren from March 11-18’ which is proposed as being a ‘Minimum gesture of contribution to the struggle against power, which this time materializes by celebrating the memory of a comrade to generate the always necessary agitation and propaganda of our ideas and practices[…]’

Also this month, on March 24 the trial against anarchist comrades Nataly Casanova, Juan Flores and Enrique Guzmán begins. The comrades are accused of a series of explosive attacks against police stations and other symbols of power. Let’s make sure the comrades do not feel alone and let’s make power see how this trial unleashes and multiplies our anger and action against all forms of domination.

Finally, March brings us the ‘Day of the Young Combatant’, which originated to remind us every March 29 of the brothers Rafael and Eduardo Vergara Toledo who were murdered during the Chilean dictatorship in 1985. In 2008, anarchist comrade Jonny Cariqueo died from beatings carried out by police officers after being arrested during a commemorative demonstration on March 29. And so since then this date manifests itself as an arena of conflict against power and its guardians, and as anti-authoritarians we recognize this date as part of our combative memory and as a call to propagate action against authority every day.

All these milestones during March call us to act and are for us an invitation to promote anarchic agitation, without forgetting that it has more potential when it is permanently activated without waiting for calls, commemorative milestones or the trials of comrades to take to the streets with propaganda and action.

We also see these milestones as moments for us to increase the tension and break with conformity and self-complacency in all its forms. They are calls to action that allow us to evaluate the current state of our individual and collective capacities, putting to the test our motivation and commitment to the anarchic way of perceiving life and the struggle for total liberation.

The invitation is to work based on affinities and informal coordination to promote ideas and action, breaking with cronyism and putting ourselves on the only possible side for those who seek total liberation – that of individuals in struggle who are dangerous to power and hinder the normality of citizen life with propaganda and multifaceted action.


Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras, cell of anti-authoritarian agitation.

March 2017

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Original Spanish-language text (PDF): En Marzo y todos los dias memoria solidaridad y agitacion anarquica contra el poder