Chile: ELF Sets Off Noise Bomb in Car Dealership

drawing by Daniel Marsula/Post-Gazette
drawing by Daniel Marsula/Post-Gazette

The Earth Liberation Front installed a noise bomb last Friday night inside a large car dealership [translator’s note: “automotora” could also translate to “rail car”] filled with different robotic machine junk: cars, trucks, vans, etc.

For the ELF, car dealerships form part of the objective to disturb and threaten; we hate them, which is why we are not indifferent to their installations, therefore, with this action we make it clear to the company, to the night watch person of that disgusting enclosure and that sector of luxury cars, that this thundering attack is vengeance for each animal hit by the wheels and for every paved prairie.

Earth Liberation Front
Santiago, 05/05.

from Contra Info
translated by Earth First! Journal