Chile: Communiqué from Anarchist Prisoner Juan Flores Riquelme


Silent, peaceful, sensible and conformist: they want us that way!!! Spectators of their violence and misery, they indoctrinate us through their means of “communication,” wanting us to become a mindless mass without ideas. Capitalism is a plague that infects everything in its path, independent of the place where it incubates. Without a doubt, we can perceive its violence, its armed repression and open assassinations. The citizenry is outraged, and the more it is outraged the more innocent they feel …

Those small foci of insurgency in an unequal way FACE capitalist violence, but the citizenry is outraged and the more they get angry, the more they feel they are voting for those who offer them the so-called “social peace”… I wonder. If we are not able to organize our anger, with what face will we tell our loved ones to fight for their ideas?

I will not live as the law tells me. I will advance on that path that other unruly people have already covered… that of action! Together with my comrades, together with my loved ones and those who give themselves faithfully and constant to the fight against the prevailing ideology, because I will not live in the shadows of resignation and indifference, I will experience the intensity of a life fully lived… authentic and free life… life without restrictions. I will boldly defend the possibility of developing myself without obeying.

I consider it essential that every individual that has not yet been subjugated by power manifests their anger by advancing along the path of action, that they come together, realizing with their peers an intensification of conflict, an intensification of action! To act autonomously without waiting for conditions, steps, or processes.

Let’s give life to something, something strong that inflames and destroys everything that is at the service of power and its bourgeoisie… something that avenges and removes the dominant face with all our rage, seeking continuity, that the roar of chaos destroys the eardrums of all the powerful… we break his laws and we put an end to centuries of silence!!!


Let’s not waste time discussing how and when to act; every moment is propitious; we are enemies of the order and we light up with flames of hate the miserable bourgeois streets… so that our actions manage to destabilize their “social peace,” their tranquility, their interests.

My fraternal greetings to prisoners of war all over the world, I know that behind the situation of each one, a thirsty and indomitable heart is beating.

To the comrades of the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire and Revolutionary Struggle, kidnapped in the jails of Korydallos, Greece. To Marcelo Villarroel, Juan Aliste and Joaquín García, kidnapped in different sections of the high security prison. Alejandro Centoncio, captive in the former penitentiary. To the comrade Tamara Sol, captive in the prison of Valdivia.

Rebellious and insubordinate memory for all those brothers and sisters who gave their lives in this war against domination: Mauricio Morales, Sebastián Oversluij, Zoe and Lambros Foundas…

Juan Alexis Flores Riquelme, Maximum security section, High security prison

(via Abolition Media Worldwide)