Bulgaria: Urgent Call for Solidarity Actions from the Bulgarian Prisoners’ Association



The Bulgarian Ministry of Justice has taken repressive measures agaisnt members and suspected members of the Bulgarian Prisoners’ Association

The Ministry of Justice is openly giving false punishments and harrassing members and suspected members of our union after a report by us was sent to the European Council of Ministries exposing the lies in a fake report given by the Bulgarian government

We are in need of instant support and solidarity

Please organise rallies and protests at your closest Bulgarian embassy or consulate

Demand that the Ministry of Justice stop their repression of the Bulgarian Prisoners’ Association

Our slogan for the cause is
“When injustice becomes law
Resistance becomes duty”

(report can be found here https://rm.coe.int/1318th-meeting-june-2018-dh-rules-9-2-and-9-6-communication-from-a-ngo/16807958cd )


(via Bulgarian Prisoners’ Association)