Bulgaria: Anti-Fascist Prisoner Jock Palfreeman Granted Parole


Anti-fascist prisoner Jock Palfreeman was granted parole by a panel of three judges at the Sofia Appellate Court in Bulgaria, where he has spent 11 years in prison for defending a young Roma who was being assaulted by fascists.

Jock has been locked up since December 2007. He was sentenced for murder in 2009 for 20 years in prison for the death of a neo-Nazi militant, son of a well-known Bulgarian politician. He had been killed in a clash with Jock who was protecting a Roma from the group of far-right hooligans to which the young Nazi belonged. The details of the conditional release are not yet known.

Jock helped to establish the Bulgarian Prisoners’ Rehabilitation Association, the first union for prisoners in Bulgaria.

Earlier this year, Jock went on hunger strike for 33 days in protest against the unfair treatment he had suffered for his role in the Bulgarian Prisoners’ Rehabilitation Association.

The hunger strike had been in response to repression against Jock for him exposing corruption in the country’s prison system and its abuse of prisoners.

Posted on 19/09/2019
via amwenglish.com