Bologna, Italy: Poster put up following the attack on carabinieri barracks



Carabinieri? Precisely them!

Who patrols the suburban streets of this or any other city along with the army?

Who are the perpetrators of raids in the neighbourhoods and whose jeeps, vans and mobile stations occupy the streets?

Who was lined up outside the university canteen in Piazza Puntoni, who was striking the students with truncheons, chasing them and beating them up in the adjoining streets some weeks ago?

Who are responsible for the many repressive operations over the years in Bologna and elsewhere, which cyclically hit those who struggle against the status quo?

Who takes part in migrants’ deportations and has no scruples about using violence and abuse?

Who lends themselves to massacres disguised as ‘humanitarian operations’ all over the world?

Who, strengthened by their uniform, perpetrates harassment and rape?

We all know the answer.

We don’t see how anyone should be surprised when some of the violence they dispense bounces back on them, as happened at the barracks in via Corticella with a device that smashed an armoured door and two windows a few nights ago.

After the attack the carabinieri said they have the bad habit of never forgetting, obviously they are not the only ones.

They think they are the only ones who can throw people out of their beds in the dead of night, as they storm in and make raids and arrests.

Someone woke them up this time.

Who dares so much boldness? Enemies, that’s clear, they have many. They talk about anarchists but we are not that interested in who did it.

When we read about certain acts we rejoice and know which side we are on: never with the servants in uniform, always with those who respond and react.



Translated by act for freedom now!