Bern, Switzerland: Spontaneous Solidarity Demo With Charlottesville


A few hours after the fascist murder in Charlottesville, Virginia (USA, there were many solidarity demonstrations across the world. One of them took place in Bern, Switzerland.

Originally published by Revolutionary Youth Bern.

Statement by Revolutionary Youth Bern about the spontaneous demo in Bern, Switzerland after the fascist murder is Charlottesville

This saturday evening we heard the news from the tragic events in Charlottesville (Vi, US): a antifascist protester lost his life while protesting against the rally of neofascists, alt-rights and slavery-supporters – many others were wounded, when a neonfascist drove his car into a group of antifascist activists.

This is neither the first time nor the only place where such an attack happened. Two years ago there was a similar incident in Bern, where a turkish fascist drove his car into a group of antifascists. Around one hour after the news from Charlottesville startet to fill the newstickers, around 80 people went to the streets of Berne (Switzerland) to show there support of the protest against the fascist mob and to make clear, that they stand in solidarity with antifascists all around the world.

The fight against Fascism is not a „local or national problem“ but instead international and anti-nationalistic. Even if we‘re sepparated geographicaly by thousands of miles of land and sea – the struggle is a collective one.

Revolutionary Youth Bern