Berlin, Germany: Fire for Dimitris Koufontinas


Received 19/02/2021

Berlin: Fire for Dimitris Koufontinas

Since January 8, Dimitris Koufontinas has been on hunger strike to achieve his transfer to Korydallos prison. Previously, the Greek government of Nea Dimokratia had transferred him from a prison near Volos to the high security prison of Domokos. This as part of its policy of revenge against prisoners in general and especially against Koufontinas as a prisoner of the Revolutionary Organization November 17.

For us, this matter takes on significance in that Dimitris is one of the few convicts of November 17 who did not repent in court and was the only one to take political responsibility for the group’s actions.

Even though the RO 17 November has been disbanded for almost twenty years, it remains forever as a link in history that creates a continuity from the resistance against the German occupation of Greece until 1944, through the struggle against the right-wing terror in the Civil War until 1949 and the resistance against the military dictatorship of the Obrists from 1967 – 1974, and since then continues to express itself in the social struggles against any regime in this country.

Despite different theoretical and practical analyses and concepts, November 17 has been one of the armed groups in Europe whose anti-imperialist and communist tendency, despite some criticisms, continues to be a positive reference point for the anarchist struggle in the streets, which for us can be seen in the numerous attacks of solidarity.

In order to emphasize the demands of Dimitris Koufontinas and to give strength to those who are currently distributing fire in the Greek cities for this conflict, we attacked an equipment supplier of the Greek police on the night of February 18.

Inspired by an attack on a Hertz car rental in Athens in December , we set fire to a Hertz truck in Hönower Weg in Lichtenberg. Hertz provides vehicles to the Greek police, especially to the OPKE unit. Whether Hertz does this for free, as is sometimes claimed, or at very favorable conditions, this company is thus tangible to our rage.

Hold out, Dimitris!

Our struggle is not finished until all prisoners are free!

 Autonomous Group “Sigurd Debus” – Every burning Hertz is a Revolutionary Cell.

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