Belfast, Ireland: Nazi scum off our streets.


Fantastic turnout today by all Antifascists from all over Belfast and Derry in representation of citizens of this island in opposition of the regressive and fascist ideology of the Ulster Defence League and their associated counterparts in the ‘flegster’ element. Despite the apparent fear and abscence of the UDL who in fact called for a protest in the firstplace, Antifascists sought to take action and demonstrate even the very fact that a hateful islamophobic protest was even dared to be called. Fascists should never have the right to an agenda, make them afraid, keep them off our streets and communities. If you have any information regarding antifascists activity in your area , please do not hesitate to make contact with us please. Immigrants, those treated as unequal and the working class, will always be and forever more be the priority of our political actions.

via BelfastAntifa

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