Belarus: Anarchists Hang a Banner and an Effigy of a Riot Cop in Minsk


28.04.17: The last few months in Belarus were marked by an upsurge in protests against Decree No. 3 or the ‘social parasite tax’: Actions and rallies took place across the country which really scared the Lukashenko government. On March 25, a major action was planned in Minsk, which was supposed to be attended by a large number of people. Prior to the action, preventive arrests and detentions were carried out throughout the country. The hysterical regime targeted the anarchists.

March 24-25 turned into the days of the most mass detentions in recent years and the lap dogs of Lukashenko were fully prepared for the action. In the center of Minsk a huge crowd of people gathered. Three metro stations were closed, roads were blocked, people were simply not allowed to go to the gathering site. Later, the spontaneously formed crowd was attacked and dispersed. They grabbed and assaulted everyone. The dogs beat up elderly people, women and children without any shame, ‘perfectly’ fulfilling their repressive roles. Immediately after the events of the 25th, anarchists created the website “Банда Луки” (Gang Of Lukashenko), which publishes names and personal information of all those who are involved in the criminal regime.

Judges, cops, officials – all dogs of the system will answer for their actions.

Arrests, searches and detentions are still continuing daily. The regime is trying to persecute anybody who refuses to tolerate injustice and slavery, but as each day passes the protests only grow larger and change is coming.

We anarchists can not forget or forgive the regime’s dogs for all the actions that they have committed against ordinary people who disagree with the injustice and against activists of the anarchist movement in particular. Recently we carried out a symbolic action, putting up a banner with the words “A Noose For Every Cop” and ‘hung’ an effigy of a riot cop. We know for sure that after the symbolic actions and effigies that the noose will get every bastard who created this injustice!

(via Revolutionary Action, translated by Insurrection News)