Belarus: Anarchist, Antifascist and Eco-activist Dmitry Polienko Sentenced to Two Years in Prison


Against Dmitry Polienko opened a criminal case in spring 2016 after a “Critical Mass” under article 364 (violence or threat of application of violence concerning the employee of Internal Affairs bodies). Recall that the police attacked the cyclists and severely beat them right during the action. All detainees were fined and awarded administrative arrest. Dima resisted and received 2 years of imprisonment with a delay.

This Spring, for “systematic violations” the court has removed the delay and Dima directly from the courtroom took to serve a prison term. Organization for the protection of human rights of Belarus assigned Polienko the status of political prisoner. In prison, Dmitry is wearing a special uniform with the inscription – extremist.

We call upon all the comrades who read this text to the actions of solidarity with Dmitry! 


Solidarity is stronger than all prisons!