Belarus: Anarchist action in Minsk against the so-called ‘Social Parasite Law’


The Officials Are The Main Parasites!” – Anarchists block the street in Minsk

In late February, anarchists blocked and marched on one of the main streets in Belarus. Anti-people measures labeled the ‘Social Parasite Law’* are in fact an incompetent attempt to replenish the squandered state budget and solve economic problems, but it is the state who is the culprit. Ordinary Belarusians who have lost their jobs and have no surplus are being punished by officials for being “lazy and unemployed.”

At the same time, these officials do not do any work of any importance to society. By robbing people via the administration of the country they have earned money for themselves and spent it on houses, cars and expensive suits..not only are they useless but they are also the real parasites on the body of Belarusian society. Together with Lukashenko and his army of cops they took away our freedom and disposed of social and political processes in this country and now they are trying to drown Belarusians who live in poverty and unemployment with debt.

It is time to act – to deal with these parasites and get rid of the bureaucrats and cops in our society!

(via, translated by Insurrection News)

*refers to the so-called ‘Social Parasite Law’ introduced by the dictator Lukashenko that requires people who work less than 183 days per year to pay the government compensation for lost taxes. Failure to pay the fines are punishable by additional financial penalties, community sevice work and imprisonment.