Basle/Zurich, Switzerland: Incendiary sabotage against the collaborators of the future maxi-prison of Bässlergut (08/2017)


Zurich: At dawn on Thursday 17th August 2017 machinery was set fire to on the building site of the Implenia company. Shortly before 5am, flames flared up in the “Greencity” building site in Leimbach, Zurich. Two bulldozers belonging to the company collaborating in the refurbishment of Bässlergut prison were completely destroyed by fire, while another piece of machinery was damaged. Cops and the local press stated: “the machinery didn’t catch fire due to a technical fault, the fire was started intentionally”. Material damage already amounts to several hundred Swiss francs. Marco Cortesi, a spokesman for Zurich police also mentioned fires that occurred in the spring and summer in Zurich (of a piece of machinery belonging to Implenia at the beginning of August and a van owned by the building company in June). However, in order to find the perpetrators of the recent fires, investigators say they are working on other leads, pointing to other incendiary sabotages that have hit infrastructures in the region, such as on the site of the future centre of justice and police at the beginning of July 2017, and a repeater used in the emergency radio system by the municipal police in mid-July 3016.

Zurich: In the night between 7th and 8th August a piece of machinery owned by the Implenia company was set on fire in Schlieren.

Basle: Last night [between Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th August] three vehicles owned by ROSENMUND AG were set on fire in Basle. The company is involved in construction work at the prison of Bässlergut, which is why it has already suffered material damage many times. If the company stops this inhuman activity immediately, its vehicles will be allowed to be parked in the city in all safety. If the work on the new prison goes on, nothing will be over! Let’s attack Bässlergut!


Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!