Bamberg, Germany: Subversive May- Incendiary Attack Against Prison Profiteers Massak Logistics


According to its own propaganda, the company Massak Logistics GmbH is a leading company when it comes to making profits from the needs of people.
Werner Massak, who gives interviews as an expert on these exact needs, founded the company in 1993. A company that does not hide the fact that it is a specialist in extracting money from prisoners.

Standard everyday goods (food, tobacco etc) are delivered by Massak Logistics at over-inflated prices to those behind the walls. Since there is no competition for such suppliers in prison, the company Massak can exert their tyranny in this system. Their customers, the prisoners, are deprived of the opportunity to decide for themselves which goods to buy at what price.

The systematic warehousing of people, here in the form of prisons, is one of the clearest forms of everyday rule and oppression. The State coordinates through u.a Armut, deciding who among the angry and marginalized belongs in prison. Those who are locked away can be exploited even more in prison than outside the walls. From this the sector the “prison industry” has developed as a modern form of slavery. Nowhere as perfidious as in the USA.

It sometimes makes us freeze and feel powerless as we become aware of the current conditions and developments. But time and again we reflect on our ideals of freedom, communalism and solidarity and we can feel again that our hearts are still beating. Resignation turns into anger.

We set off on the 12th of May, to express our anger against this inhuman system in a practical way. Using several incendiary devices, we let four Massak Logistics trucks and a transporter go up in flames.
Hopefully we can shake up the three cornerstones of the company “quality, reliability and a wide variety”.
“Qualitatively” causing damage that desperately brings the company to ruin. “Reliably” we will continue to visit all companies that keep this murderous system going. Through our “wide variety” of incendiary devices and communiques, we will continue our fight against the enemies of freedom.

We participate in Subversive May in solidarity with the imprisoned comrades in Italy.

For a world without prisons and oppression!
Against any form of “modern slavery”!

We send friendly greetings of solidarity and strength to our Turkish and Kurdish comrades, who are currently on hunger strikes, to our comrades from the Anarchist Library Fermento in Zurich and to our accomplice Loic.

Freedom for ALL prisoners!

(source, translated into English for Mpalothia by Anarchists Worldwide)