Athens – Insurrection Festival: “Our Abundance Is Plentiful” [video]


We try to minimize the time that we sell our bodies to the bosses.

We achieve this by stealing their commodities, properties, and money.

Sold in labelled supermarkets and chain shops are the products of the enslavement and barbarian exploitation of invisible people.

Behind commodities there are names and dreams trapped in a global capitalist war game.

Big companies, local or international, are imperialist machines trying to absorb and destroy any antagonists.

Tons of food are destroyed every day by the companies’ choice.

In order to hold the offer and demand on the level concluding to their interests, destruction is part of the capitalist game.

While bosses are chilling in their luxury apartment, maisonette or villa talking about their achievements and powers, we are attacking their shops openly and massively or undercover, playing hide and seek with security and employees.

We are using the gains of the expropriation for our survival and to create and reinforce our structures.