Athens, Greece: Urgent Counter-Info Report


Update received on 25.09.17:

Today, Saturday 23 of September, comrade K.B. has escaped the danger he has been in since Thursday night (and not earlier as deliberately and falsely leaked out by the mass media), slowly recovering his consciousness, but remaining in shock. Nevertheless, the administration of the hospital, obviously maintaining their view that “the police are in charge” will allow the investigator to conduct an investigative examination on Monday, 25th of September, to press the arrested comrade in order to testify, intensifying the regime of torture and terrorism which he has been under since he was arrested.

By highlighting their repressive strategy, they are warning that they will proceed to get DNA in order to examine the possibility of K.B been involved in other cases. Knowing the ways in which the police carry out the genetic filing of thousands of fighters (torture, violent incidents, etc.), we declare to the administration of the hospital, that there is NO room for non maintenance of medical confidentiality, but we also emphasize that they are responsible for ensuring the physical integrity and health protection of the patient.


NO DNA taking and filing of those who struggle 

DISCHARGE-PAUSE prosecutions for those who were arrested in the antifasist demos of 16TH SEPTEMBER 2017

noone alone under the state 

SOLIDARITY with K.B. and to those who face the repressive barbarity 

Solidarity Assembly of K.B.


September 22nd, 2017

On September 16th, the day of anti-fascist protests in Keratsini and Athens, for the 4 years since the murder of Pavlos Fyssas by neonazis of the Golden Dawn, 16 year old K.B. is arrested in Exarchia. During his arrest and transportation to GADA (central police hq of Athens), K.B. is beaten and tortured by riot cops resulting in his severe injury.

Although this incident is publicized on social networks and counter-information websites, on the same day false information is leaked concerning the health of K.B. as well as the conditions of his care in the intensive care unit of KAT hospital.

In an attempt to cover-up a very serious incident during an especially explosive juncture, another attempt is coordinated to downplay this incident.

Stray information on the same day say that the kid’s situation has stabilized, that he has escaped danger, as well as that the detention protocol in the hospital was upheld.

The reality however is far from that, and goes as such: K.B. right now is being hospitalized in an induced coma, in intensive care of KAT hospital. His relatives have had no hopeful news (till now) about his health and the information they have been receiving is extremely incomplete. It simultaneously became known after a
syndicalist doctor of that hospital denounced it, that the police had a cop INSIDE the intensive care unit which is obviously forbidden. Doctors cannot bring him out of the coma he is in right now because of his situation and do not know when he will come out of it. His injuries are severe, he had an epileptic episode as well as loss of consciousness.

Also, today he had an operation and had metal rods placed in both of his legs.

Not trusting the state apparatus who only care about their self-preservation in every way, we call on anyone who knows anything concerning the arrest and transfer of 16 year-old, to email: [email protected] in order for us to investigate what has happened exactly.

It is a matter of survival of the authoritarians to maintain the illusion of social normality in any way.
On our side, we ought to not give even a bit of space to those who attempt to silence and punish whoever resists.
Our solidarity is a given but also factual and we call for a gathering at KAT hospital on Wednesday September 20th*.




Solidarity assembly to K.B.

*next assembly is on September 22nd at 7pm at the Polytechnic in Athens.

(via Act For Freedom Now! / 325)