Athens Greece: Info about the solidarity march with the insurgents of Chile


On Thursday 28/11/19, a solidarity march with the Chilean rebels took place in the centre of Athens. About 350+ comrades participated in this protest shouting slogans against repression, squat evictions and for solidarity with the insurgents of Chile.

The presence of the cops was particularly provocative and vulgar especially when the march passed in front of the town hall. The general impression was that this provocation was aiming at the repression of the demonstration. Also evident was the presence of the Delta cops in the nearby streets.

The demo ended in Messolongiou and Tzavela Street in Exarchia at the monument of the anarchist student Alexandros Grigoropoulos where the main banner entitled

”December 2008 Greece – October 2019

Chile – To connect the insurrections of yesterday and today – Dignity, Resistance, Solidarity” was hung.

Solidarity to the Chilean insurgents.

To spread the seeds of insurrection on our terraces.

Everyone on the streets.

Assembly of Solidarity with the insurrection in Chile

Photos of the demonstration :


Translated by Act for freedom now!