Athens, Greece: Incendiary gesture in complicity with rebels in France



During and after the “social movement”, we’ll never stop following our destructive passions, pursuing our dreams of freedom, sowing the chaos of revolt in the order of authority.
“Tout peut basculer”; anarchist newspaper published in Paris

In the early hours of June 9th 2016, we paid a brief visit to the offices of the French insurance company AXA in the centre of Athens and torched one of their vans. We ruled out the possibility of attacking the building with the means that are currently at our disposal, for the simple reason that we wouldn’t have caused considerable damage beyond broken windows and perhaps a small fire. Nevertheless, their vehicle that was parked every night next to their offices gave us a good opportunity to attack them quickly and discreetly.

We attacked a target that’s located in an area where, in addition to patrols, cops are constantly present; we were also aware that the surrounding cafeterias and sex shops are frequented by cops with or without uniform. But it only takes a good preparation to strike every potential target.

We chose to attack AXA as a minimum display of complicity with rebels in France, who are fighting in the streets for more than three months. We make it clear, however, that this is not an act of solidarity with “social movements” or the leftists who ask for law reforms, more democracy and a “fairer” Power; nor with the unions that try to manipulate the revolt to satisfy their own interest; nor with “the poor people” or “the working class” who complain now that the legislation affects their pockets and want the State to guarantee them a return to normalcy and a welfare regime. A normalcy and welfare built on the obedience and servitude of the consumerist mass.

On the contrary, we seek complicity with the rebellious minorities who have exceeded the limits of peaceful protest, legality and morality dictated by domination, and find themselves in permanent confrontation with Power, spreading the virus of insurrection through deeds of rebellion in spite of the good citizens-lovers of the order, the “indignant” ones who act as firefighters, and the dogs that guard the unions.

Lastly, we dedicate this action to long-term prisoners on the occasion of the June 11th callout.

Strength to the CCF imprisoned members, Angeliki and the rest of the dignified accused in the escape attempt case.

Strength to Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar, Michael Kimble, the accused in the Velventos case, Nikos Maziotis of Revolutionary Struggle, and all anarchist and dignified prisoners wherever they are.

Strength to the fugitives, Pola Roupa of Revolutionary Struggle, Gabriel Pombo da Silva, and all those who’ve gone into “clandestinity”.

Strength to the anarchist urban guerrillas wherever they are.


Anarchonihilist Commando Gianfranco Bertoli
Informal Anarchist Federation
International Revolutionary Front


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