Athens, Greece: Incendiary Barrage in Solidarity with Dimitris Koufontinas


A Barrage of Solidarity for D. Koufontinas

“We may not know each other, but we are sharing the same dreams, common struggles, common ways of creating life, the feeling that we are moving in the same time, in the same space, walking the same path towards the emancipatory future”  – Dimitris Koufontinas

Revolutionary political prisoner D. Koufontinas has been on hunger strike since May 2nd, demonstrating clearly: there is a regime of exemption for political opponents of the State and Capital. For so many days, the government and the opposition, political and judicial authorities, the media, well-connected families, and even more embassies have been killing D. Koufontinas. They kill him because they are terrified of him. But they are not scared of his physical presence, they are scared of what he represents as a fighter.

It scares them that he refuses to kneel, that he does not beg, that he doesn’t happily offer his back for their whips.

It would have been easy for him to sign a statement of repentance, to denounce his ideals, to send a signal of defeat, to say that everything was in vain, that everything is over and that we live in the definitive ‘end of history’. But D. Koufontinas insists on standing strong, and it terrifies them. They even run in fear of his words: “Let’s bring back the red thread of struggle”.

Let’s be clear, D. Koufontinas’ struggle for the liberty he deserves is not just a struggle for a bourgeois-democratic right. It exposes the conflict between two opposing worlds: the world of struggle, solidarity and dignity on the one hand and on the other the world of exploitation and barbarism. Let us make it clear to those in power, that if D. Koufontinas suffers in the slightest, then what will follow will be unprecedented…

Furlough now for Dimitris Koufontinas!
Remove the prosecutor’s veto!
Remove the exemption regime for political prisoners!

On May 19 and 20, we carried out the following 11 incendiary attacks:

At New York College in Tavros
2 ATMs of the National Bank and 1 Eurobank ATM in Gounari
1 Bitcoin ATM in Agia Paraskevi
1 ATM in Kypseli
2 ATMs (Piraeus and Ethniki) in Kato Petralona
1 Piraeus ATM in Ilisia
Offices of New Democracy in Alimos
Offices of New Democracy in Nea Ionia


(via Athens Indymedia, translated into English for Mpalothia by Anarchists Worldwide)