Athens, Greece: Cars torched in Kolonaki for Black July



On June 22nd 2016 the German police bastards once again raided the Rigaer 94 squat after the whole Nordkiez area had been declared a ‘danger zone’ with permanent controls and police presence. However they have failed to contain the conflict in this corner of Berlin.

As anarchists we cannot sit idly by before the onslaught of the authorities against individuals or structures with whom we share common desires of revolt and destruction of the existent, whether in Berlin, Athens or anywhere.

However we believe that we shouldn’t limit outbreaks of anarchic violence to defensive reactions against attacks by the authorities (evictions, arrests, etc). We must be the ones who go on the offensive, with all available means, without waiting for an attack to respond. We have plenty of reasons to always attack and to attack first.

In the Nordkiez conflict has been constant, but in many other cases the existence of squats and other ‘movement’ structures has been an excuse to maintain the status quo and postpone the attack. The best thing that can happen with these places is ‘self-eviction’, if this involves the rupture of normality and the liberation of the conflict within the city.

On the night of July 5, as a gesture of complicity with Rigaer 94, and within the framework of the call for a Black July, we took a stroll in Kolonaki (a posh area in the center of Athens) and began indiscriminately burning cars with the intention of the fire spreading uncontrollably to as many vehicles as possible. And because there is always a reason to satisfy our destructive appetites.

For us the indiscriminate burning of cars is one of the many forms of direct attack against civilization and the society of servile slaves, the function of these machines is of utmost importance to the chain of production and consumption. Their main role is to transport people to work or to the places of consumption and alienating ‘leisure’, they also symbolize social status and personal success in the mentality of the citizen-consumer masses.


Chaotic behavior in constant revolt – FAI/FLT

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