Athens, Greece: Against the Touristization of Exarcheia

Exarcheia, Summer 2018. The touristization of the neighborhood is a reality. While thousands of locals and immigrants live in miserable conditions on the street, the empty houses of the area are filled with tourists via airbnb. The Exarcheia neighborhood, its political structures, its people and even the conflicts with the police that invade it are becoming a spectacle. Everything is being turned into an alternative fantasy that will transform Exarcheia into a kind of urban zoo, offering bargain hunting tourists adventure, pleasure, inexpensive entertainment and narcotics. Through its depoliticization, Exarcheia will become an alternative paradise for tourists that will naturally serve to stimulate the Greek economy in order for the redevelopment steamroller to flatten anything that resembles insurrection, anarchy and freedom.

Starting a campaign of actions and interventions against touristization and the ‘regeneration’ of the neighborhood, we placed 2 banners in Patission and Tzavella.

Anarchists Against the Gentrification of Exarcheia


Athens, Greece: Against the Touristization of Exarcheia

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