Athens, Greece: Against state oppression – No Pasaran!


Which aims at the intensification of exploitation, poverty and blockades

Which targets the anarchist movement, refugees, migrants, and activists

Which is expressed through strategies of police control of Exarcheia and orchestrated attacks against social spaces of the struggle

With attempts to abolish the university asylum

With persecution and imprisonment of activists

With the propagation of new legal tools of oppression at the hands of the state

No truce – No surrender

Let’s raise the solidarity barricades

To fight back against submission to state oppression

No Pasaran!


against the state’s oppression campaigns and in solidarity with the squats, the structures of struggle and social and class resistance

Saturday, September 14th, 12.00, Propylea, Athens

Gathering – Demonstration,

Saturday, 31st of August, 12.00, Exarcheia Square

Anarchist -Antiauthoritarian space «Antipnoia», Squat Lelas Karagianni 37, Squat for Refugees & Immigrants Notara 26, Squat for Refugees/Migrants SPIROU TRIKOUPI 17CLASS COUNTERATTACK (Anarchists and Communists group), Anarchist Students’ Assembly ARODAMOS, Self-organized space of Galatsi STEGASTROK*Vox Squatted Social center, Comrades


Athens, Greece: Against state oppression - No Pasaran!


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