Argentina: Revolt in the prison of Villa Devoto, Buenos Aires


In the prison of Villa Devoto, Buenos Aires, an uprising broke out after a prison guard was infected with coronavirus. The protest spread to various pavilions and inmates took control of at least two floors of the building, demanding transfers and health checks for fear of mass contagion. The prisoners then climbed onto the roof of the section from which they unrolled various banners “We don’t want to die in prison” “Genocide Judges. Silence is not my language.” They then started throwing stones and various objects. Mattresses were set on fire.

Eleven guards were apparently injured.

Two days ago, another violent uprising took place in Florencio Varela prison, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. To cause it, the fake audio message from a fake doctor reporting the presence of the coronavirus in the prison.

Original posted on 28/04/2020 via