Argentina: Anarchist Prisoner Anahí Salcedo is Finally Receiving Medical Treatment


Three months after her transfer from Fernández Hospital to Ezeiza Prison, comrade Anahí was taken for exams, physiotherapy sessions and general medical consultations- some in prison and others in different hospitals, with secret transfers and special groups of cops for “terrorists”. Although we know that the terrorist is the State.

It was not because of the humanitarian treatment of the Federal Prison Service or the will of Judge Ercolini or Courts 1 and 2 of Lomas de Zamora, who tortured her for all that time, denying her medical transfers, rejecting from one court to another her appeal (an appeal that was presented collectively, not just requesting medical treatment for Anahí but also for other prisoners due to the poor medical conditions of the unit where she is imprisoned) in the performance of their duties, essential for this system of torture.

They avoided it as much as they could, in addition to solidarity presence at the court cases, solidarity demonstrations had to be held in the street as well.

Anahí’s injuries are irreversible, she is recovering from a reconstruction operation to the right side of her face, the amputation of several phalanges and a fracture of the left clavicle.
She is suffering from a facial infection, caused by the prosthesis, and needs another operation to remove it. Instead they pumped her up with antibiotics (for over 30 days in a row) that have caused havoc to her stomach. She has stitches and brackets on her gums that hurt her mouth, so she can only have a liquid diet, which has not been given to her for all this time. She is surviving thanks to the food sent from comrades and her family who remain in solidarity.

It is important to create networks of solidarity and agitation to support Anahí’s health. Always PROTECTING HER IMAGE AND WITHOUT FLAGS.

We do not expect the State to act any differently than how it does.
We are not victims of anything.
We do not ask or wait for justice.
We do not publish the photos of anyone and WE DO NOT WANT IT TO BE DONE.


(via Attaque / Publicacion Refractario, translated into English for Mpalothia by Anarchists Worldwide)