Anarchist Collective Masovka: Call for solidarity for financial assistance.


On February the 12th, Silvio Kullolli and Aris Papazacharoudakis, anarchists and members of Masovka Anarchist Collective are arrested by the Greek national security services with the collaboration of the Greek anti- terrorist unit. The previous day, masovka had protested against a new declaration made by the Greek alternate minister of foreign affairs, M. Varvitsiotis. The minister’s declaration said tha countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan are now considered safe, thus making it easier for thousands of refugees too be deported back to these countries. Masovka has also dedicated this activistic protest to D. Koufontinas, who was on hunger strike at the time. Silvio and Aris were arrested using information from their personal accounts on social media. During their detainment in the police headquarters, new evidence was fabricated, using earlier Masovka protests, so that the comrades were accused of participating in a criminal organisation.

So a political activist group is now being accused of being a criminal syndicate. Not even a month later, on March the 9th, Aris was kidnapped by the Greek anti-terrorist unit, a day after a huge demo protesting police violence was held in Athens. The kidnapping took place after the police had intercepted his phone calls, admitting they keep track of him since January, for “reasons of national security”. Ari’s was taken to the police headquarters in Athens, where he was beaten and tortured physically and verbally for many hours. He was held there for four days, even facing charges of attempted intentional manslaughter (a police officer was beaten during clashes following the demo). These charges were later dropped, due to a complete lack of evidence. Ari’s was charged with three felonies and was not taken into custody, although he had to pay 1000 euros as bail. We call on our brothers and sisters around the world for their financial aid, in order to cover the expenses of the ongoing trials and the ones the Greek state is setting up for Masovka.

No one will be left alone during this fight.

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