Amsterdam: Info and Mobilization Evening About the Fascist NSU

On October 12, there will be an information and mobilization evening about the German neonazi-terrorists of the NSU in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The NSU (National Socialist Underground) killed 10 people and committed at least three bomb attacks. They could remain undiscovered for 13 years.

In november 2011, a bank robbery failed and the two robbers committed suicide before the police caught them. As a reaction, the third innercircle terrorist Beate Zschäpe blew up the underground flat of the trio in Zwickau (eastern Germany). After four days on the run, Zschäpe turned herself in to the police.

Since spring 2013 the trial against Zschäpe and four so called helpers is still going in Munich. The verdict is expected at the end of this year. For the day of the verdict, the day x, a union of victims of the NSU and activists are mobilizing for a huge demonstration in Munich.

The evening will contain two parts:
1. docu-screening about the NSU (starts at 19:00 sharp)
2. discussion with and info talk by two activists fro

The documentary gives introductive information about the societal condition in which the NSU started and it’s “killing spree” through Germany. It contains interviews with involved neo-Nazis and officers from the secret service who were not capable to catch the trio because of apparently outrageous reasons.

After the screening there will be the possibility to talk with a person who works at a helpdesk for victims of neo-Nazi and racist violence in Germany and who accompany relatives of the victims of the NSU to the trial in Munich.

Location: Vrankrijk, Spuistraat 216, Amsterdam
Doors open 18:00, docu starts at 19:00 sharp!

When the trial ends, there will be a demonstration. As the date is still unknown, watch out for Day X announcements. Here is the call out for the demo:


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