Buenos Aires, Argentina: Responsibility Claim for the Explosive Attack


In the early morning hours of December 2nd, 2018, within the context of the G20 meeting in Buenos Aires, we detonated an explosive device that caused the destruction of a Santander Rio Bank branch located in Flores, Buenos Aires.

We claim this action against a Summit that we consider to be the ultimate expression of this extractivist system that is based on the constant plundering of nature and the murder, torture and domination of all expressions of life. This is what the capitalist system of today, under the guise of social democracy, is based upon.

We carried out this attack against civilization and its progress, against public order and the civil peace, against political parties and their false solutions, for the victims of the imperialist invasion of Abya Yala, for all those who were assassinated by the State and for all the human and non-human animals in their prisons.

We see destruction as a form of liberation because we don’t believe in the reform of this system and see sabotage as a method of revenge against those who violate us.

We won’t let them live in peace. Their interests, their symbols, their institutions and their officials, are and will be our targets.

We are with you, strengthening our actions, perfecting our attacks, encouraging them to multiply. We encourage insurrection, direct action, sabotage and destruction.

Without fear, cautious and creative.
Neither their laws, nor their jails, nor their repression will intimidate or stop us.
Until total liberation!
With love and rage.

Le niñitx (CCP)

(via Contra Info, translated into English for Mpalothia by Anarchists Worldwide)