May Day 2017: Anarchists Take Action In Cities Across Belarus


On May 1st, on the day of remembrance of workers who died in the struggle for their rights, anarchists in various cities of Belarus conducted actions of agitation calling on the people of Belarus to strike and resist.

In Minsk, a 20 meter banner was hung from the roof of a house along Pushkin Avenue: “Tired Of Being Hungry? The Solution Is To Strike!”

In Salihorsk, where workers recently went on strike, activists left graffiti that said: “Send Politicians Into The Mines”

In Brest, an anarchist group hung a banner, painted graffiti and distributed leaflets to Brest residents.

A banner was also hung in the city of Byaroza.

In conditions where the government suppresses street protests in every possible way as soon as their power is threatened, it is worth remembering the method of struggle that can hit the authorities the hardest. This method is going on strike. Refusing to work for this gang of oppressors and parasites, and being in different cities and in different industries, we will be able to show not just in words but with actions, that we are tired of injustice and poverty.