Nazis: You’ll Always Walk Alone -Report from antifascist rally in Liverpool

Fascists trapped by Antifascist in tshe Crown Hotel.


What a day in Liverpool!
After initially calling their demonstration for Manchester, the North West Infidels and National Action decided that they’d have another bash at Liverpool instead. What a rookie error that was.

With around 24 hours to organise, antifascists across the north and around the AFN managed to rally in Liverpool, with the overwhelming and incredible turnout of the legendary Liverpool locals.
First spotted trying to leave the Crown Hotel, hundreds of antifascists and locals ran from Lime Street station to blockade the Infidels in. Other Nazis and Polish fascists tried unsuccessfully to somehow navigate through the throngs of anti-racists to get to the pub meet point-bad luck lads. Police tried desperately to get the Infidels to safety, whilst a defiant crowd pushed back against the police. Coppers used dogs, horses, riot police and full force to just about squeeze them to safety, ie outside of Liverpool.

Fascists trapped by Antifascist in tshe Crown Hotel.
Fascists trapped by Antifascist in tshe Crown Hotel.

On the other side of the square, obscure drumming was heard and the pasty losers of National Action were accompanied by the police to the front of St George’s Hall, all while the crowds focused on pushing the Infidels back to whatever hole they crawled out from. With the Infidels squeezed onto a bus, the city of Liverpool turned its attention, and eggs, to National Action.
Giving it large for all of 6 minutes before everyone noticed that the entire 30 of them were there, the police swiftly squidged them into the corner while hundreds and hundreds of locals and antifascists pushed forward. Police dogs were out to face the locals to protect the Nazis, but the dogs were far more interested in taking chunks out of National Actions forearms.
Some of the Master Race tried to get to their demo, get a bit brave and generally try their hardest to look like they had any idea what was going on. They were promptly rudely awakened by the masses of support against racism in the city.
There was an overwhelming sense of deja vu and a sinking feeling for the nazis as this time they unsuccessfully sought refuge in St. George’s Hall. About as appropriate as the left luggage hideout of their last visit!

Fascists trapped at St. George’s Hall.
Fascists trapped at St. George’s Hall.

With Nazis holed up against the wall, antiracists ran up the stairs to the left (aptly) of the Nazi demo and, as was the theme of the day, got the better of them.
Nazi sieg-heil selfies were taken, and one Nazi even had his new iPad out to film the action. These quickly became main targets for eggs, potatoes, flour, carrots and any other number of vegetarian dinner ingredients that caked the Nazis. One particularly beautiful moment forever etched in the mind of antifascists will be the moment a Nazi was hit in the crotch by a baking potato, leaving him crying on the floor amongst his terrified mates.
More people arrived to show how Liverpool feels about Nazis. Eggs were thrown in very accurate unison. Chant favorites include:

Liverpool 2, Nazis nil!
You shoulda gone to Manchester!
If it wasn’t for the coppers you’d be dead!
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 let’s see if the Nazis make it out alive!
Walk on, walk on, with shame in your hearts, coz you’ll always walk alone…!

Eventually hundreds of riot police squeezed through, with the crowd humming the theme for the Imperial March, trying desperately to get the Nazis out of Liverpool. People of every single demographic got together and made sure they had one hell of a send off, swarming the roads, heckling, chucking tubs of Vaseline, the works.

Protected by the Police.
Protected by the Police.

Diddyman was terrified, Paul Pitt watched his Aryan dream fall again, Wayne Jarvie and his National Action mates spent their time scribbling swastikas on walls like edgy 15-years-olds and the people of Liverpool and those who stand against fascism won out, again.

There is absolutely no way that the nazis can try to frame that as a victory although we’re sure they’ll do their delusional best as always. The people of Liverpool and beyond should be utterly proud of showing such a solid and effective community response and a zero tolerance approach to fascism. As one shout on the day stated loud and clear “This is what antifascism looks like!” and this is what winning looks like.

This is what victory looks like!
This is what victory looks like!

The next AFN action is in London. We will be organising an antifascist bloc on the national Kurdish demo to show are support for Rojava and the Kudish resistance to Daesh. More info here.




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