“We are the real, and the real is what resists”



“In the week since this very short video was completed, the entire world has changed. But one thing has remained consistent and if anything it has become more coherent, clearer lines have been drawn, definitive sides have been chosen. We are living in a world laid bare. The truths we held in our hearts are now evident. What was hidden is revealed.”

“There is a path out of the disaster. It is a valley in Chiapas, a hill in Rojava, a field in France, a street in Baton Rouge. There is no sense debating what the correct course should be. It has been evident, just as it will remain evident. So we release this video in the hope that those who see it will begin the work that needs to be done. Build communes in the cities, build communes in the forest, build an international war machine that cannot be stopped. Gather your friends and free yourselves from the economy. The way is clear, the path is open. There is no point in waiting.”

-July 20, 2016