Marseille: Message from friends that were in custody following the Manba squat eviction, rue Bel Air



Without repeating here and right now everything that happened, a short recap, we’ll start by informing you that all 3 people have been freed yesterday [April 14th]. Two amongst us have been summoned to the criminal court on June 10th at 2pm for: destruction/criminal damage/defacement of a building intended for worship, as a group, and refusing DNA.

We narrowly avoided having to sign on at the police station, but regardless are under bail conditions. Another friend received a summons to the police station. The driving license of a mate is still in the hands of the cops…

Raw and personal, without having any analysis within, because we haven’t yet really had the time to do so:

We very very very much thank all the friends/people that mobilised, that raced against time, those aware on the outside, that took care of everything, who waited for court appearances, who waiting at the exit of the court, diffused calls for support, yet we didn’t have any info between our four disgusting jail walls, with the light on permanently and the pressure. We won’t say it was easy when we were inside. We’ll just say that it immensely warmed our hearts to know, when in the end the lawyer intervened, when we saw you when leaving the court, and when we found you later.

If they piss us off, if they arrest us to do with squats, they if they come find us in plainclothes – when entering the house by passing as mates – it’s very much because we annoy them. This isn’t a local politic: recall the 8 no borders arrested in Calais, in a squat, not so long ago? Time spent in preventative custody, all freed by the judge, not guilty… So we’ll be a little bit careful again, and we’ll continue what we’ve done so far. Because we’re not able to do otherwise, because this is in us, because 24, 48 hours of custody, months of prison with or without suspended, fines, harassment, changes nothing. Our determination yesterday was strong, and is only stronger today.

We’ll continue to burn the borders and house refugees, with or without papers.
We won’t give up on this matter, whatever it costs and despite the ever increasing intimidation attempts. We’ll beat these trials that come with it and we’ll hold our heads high.

Open the borders now, we’re not going back!

via Marseille Autonomous Info, April 18th