Marseille, France: Week of action in solidarity with resistance in Calais



Following the recent evictions in Calais, a week of action in solidarity with the resistance of the ’’jungle’’ took place in Marseille. The various actions contained in this communique were anonymously contributed by numerous individuals and groups. All the targets chosen collaborate in the repression, subjugation and deportation of migrant and/or paperless people in Calais and elsewhere.

Below is the list of actions as they were communicated by those responsible:

  • 500 stickers including “No to evictions/deportations(*) – Solidarity with the resistance in Calais”, “Migrants welcome – bring your mates”, “Collaborators – Solidarity with sans papiers in Calais”, as well as various others in French and English, distributed throughout the city.

  • Several small actions took place Sunday 6 March:
    Posters of FN (Front National) were destroyed and pro migration slogans spray painted on a wall nearby.
    Tires punctured of a vehicle belonging to Orange Telecom (linked to the state).
    “Collaborator in deportations/evictions” spraypainted on 3 postboxes of La Poste.
    One cash point and security camera sabotaged with paint at BNP Paribas bank on Avenue de la Corderie – “collabo” written next to the ATM.
    La Poste building also spraypainted with “Collaborator in evictions/deportations”.

  • 200 posters pasted around Noailles, Belle de Mai and National (1st and 3rd districts) with four different posters: “Solidarity with the sans papiers in Calais”, “Solidarity with the resistance in Calais” and “Solidarity with the hunger strikes in Calais” (the latter in French and English).

  • Wednesday 9th March early morning:
    Banner drop reading “Solidarity with the resistance in Calais – no-one is illegal”
    Slogans spraypainted “no documents, no deportations/evictions”, “burn the borders, burn the state”, “no borders – no state – no problems” “Vinci collaborators in evictions/deportations” and “No to deportations/evictions”.

  • Thursday 10th March at 4.30am: Red Cross building, Rue Baille, 5th district. Windows smashed with rocks and locks sabotaged. Against the ‘humanitarian’ collaborators and their attempts of softening the violence of the borders. There are no peaceful evictions.

  • Two collaborating LCL cash machines put out of service.
    One metropole car sabotaged and “calais” painted on roof.

  • Graffiti against six Groupe SOS buildings in the 1st; 3rd & 7th districts: 200 & 357 blvd national, 3 blvd grigou, 2 rue grigan (locks broken as well), 24a rue fort notre-dame, 1 blvd charles livron.
    Also two post offices : 184 blvd national and place bernard de cabinet.
    “Collaborator in evictions/deportations”, “Solidarity with the sans papiers in Calais” and “Solidarity with the resistance in Calais”

  • Night of Thursday 10th: Graffiti and paint bombs against 3 Red Cross buildings around Boulevard Chave in the 5th district (a charity shop and the headquarters). Messages painted: “Solidarity with Calais” and “Collaborator in evictions”.

  • A group of us decided to make a banner reading “Destroy all Borders- Solidarity with the eviction resistance in Calais” in French, Arabic, and English. We took a photo with some comrades holding the banner, as a small gesture to those struggling in Calais. This happened on Friday.

(*) Translators note: the word “expulsions” in French can mean interchangeably deportation and/or evictions, due to this, where the word expulsions has been used in the original French we have decided to always translate in both forms since we do not know the intentions of the contributors. Where specificity was either implied or openly stated, we have used the direct translation.


Collaborator in evictions/deportations


Groupe SOS collaborate in evictions/deportations in Calais



Groupe SOS collaborate in evictions/deportations in Calais
Solidarity with the resistance in Calais – Collaborator in evictions/deportations
Red Cross France
Collaborator in evictions – Solidarity with Calais