Korydallos Prisons: Disciplinary penalty and solitary confinement due to negation of transit



Disciplinary penalty and solitary confinement due to negation of transit

At the 31th of March 8  prison officers who were accompanied by the police sergeant of Korydallos prisons, intruded -with particular violence and while holding handcuffs- the cell where the anarchists A. Staboulos, T. Theofilou and P. Aspiotis are being held, in order to force transfer P. Aspiotis to the prisons in Nafplio. As Aspiotis resisted, making clear that he will not obey to this vindictive mandate regarding his transfer, considering that he has to remain in Korydallos prison, in order to accomplice visits with his family and specifically with his 3 month old daughter, the prison officers departed.

Today,4/4/2016, the supervisor district attorney of Korydallos Prisons Mrs Victoria E. Marsioni, summoned the three anarchists to defend themselves, with the accusations of defiance, threats regarding violence and insults against the officers of the prison, where she ultimately excused two of the anarchists but  imposed a 5 day penalty of solitary confinement to P. Aspiotis with the accusations of defiance and threat against the officers of the institution.

According to the mandate of the district attorney Victoria E. Marsioni, the penalty will be served at the Nafplio prisons, obviously in order to avoid creating another scandal regarding the otherworldly conditions of the disciplinary institution of Korydallos, where she had been uncovered two years ago with nothing changing till now.

Panagiotis remains up to now in Korydallos prisons while he is hell-bent declaring that he will not accept his transfer.

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