INSURRECTION (French Riots classical music remix)


Flashbacks of resistance during the 2016 riots in France against the new labor reforms. Re-edited video of the Insurrection video by Clement Gino at

The self-proclaimed socialist government of Manuel Valls in co-operation with the self-proclaimed socialist president Francois Hollande are trying for the last 4 months to force a new pro-business labour law, that forces the imposition of short-term contracts, with no social security for workers, making it easier for businesses to hire and fire as many people as they want, like they are objects and not people, while at the same time are imposing a police state in the streets of France, banning protests and attacking people with teargas and thousands of riot policemen. But despite their plans the flaming streets of France are telling a different powerful tale of resistance.

Original Footage from Taranis News – Street Politics – InfoCritiqueWeb – Scope