Greece: Update on the struggle of refugee families in Athens



Immigrant families are on the 8th day of sleeping rough at the HQ of the NGO Praxis on Stournari street in Athens and continue their struggle with a clear intention to have their demands satisfied. Our main priority is to reinforce their visibility and give them a platform so their voices can be heard. The following text was written by them and was translated in order to have it published in the counter-information media.

“We are from Syria.We just ask for our rights. We are not asking for the impossible.
We only demand a place to stay and safety for our children from the dangers we saw in the camp.

Our demands are:

1)a place/house 2) safety and 3)protection for our children

For 7 days now we’ve been staying and sleeping in the streets. Among us there are sick women and children with medical records, but PRAXIS doesn’t seem to care. We don’t want to be treated as things. We’ve been sent from PRAXIS to the UN and back asking for our rights. This is not human, we just want our rights. We need a safe place.”

We call for people in solidarity to join the struggle.


(via Insurrection News)