Greece: Anti-terrorism units invade Korydallos prison, 2 anarchist comrades abducted


18.04.16: Last night after midnight, multiple teams of anti-terrorism units invaded A and D wing of Korydallos Prison.

Extensive searches were conducted inside all of the cells and common areas until 6 am, with the humiliating tactic of forcing prisoners to have their hands tied behind their back during the searches. Some comrades who refused to conform were coerced into having their hands tied which resulted in mild injuries.

Following the search, anti-terrorism police violently and immediately abducted our comrades Panagiotis Aspiotis, who sustained an injury on his arm and Antonis Stamboulos, as well as other prisoners. There is no information regarding where they are currently detained.

Prisoners remain locked up until now and they have not been not allowed to get out in the yard since the prison service and the Ministry of Justice are afraid of the reactions on the part of prisoners. Of course they cannot avoid those, they can only postpone them.



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