Conspiracy of Cells of Fire: Call for international ‘Fuck Nations, Squat The World’ action [Greece]


The well-regulated normality of social life within systems of power is not the product of a one-dimensional strategic perception that follows a determined path, but on the contrary it’s the totality of many well-thought and tested logics, tactics and practices. It’s a fact that power would not be what it is today, had it not been in a constant process of self-evolution covering previous deficiencies and weaknesses in the management of social tolerance of its followers. It is not accidental that there have been and continue to appear entire political and philosophical currents that examine the necessity of power structures within human societies. Through the constant  appearance of experiments, studies and dissertations, a series of political and scientific think-tanks arm the hand of power with more and more specialized methods that ensure social tolerance.

»If the initial imperceptible signs of disarray are not combated, then chaos and anarchy will soon  prevail.» The above sociological interpretation, which posits the essence of a particular theory, upon which a variety of repressive plannings have been formed, is inextricably connected to the way the enemy handles all possible dangers of destabilization since their birth and in their totality,  even before they have flesh and bones. Speaking of the danger of destabilization which may be manifested in subversive radical currents, we could say that the zero-tolerance doctrine aims at their preventive tackling. Different phases of preventive tackling have been noticed. It is observed that during the first phase, with the beginning of a new subversive current that internally acquires a more radical and aggressive logic, repression is upgraded almost instantly and becomes excessively disproportionate in order to stop any further sharpening of the current’s offensive characteristics. Those who express this combative logic are met with the ruthless vengeance of the system that does not hesitate to turn against their entire social circle in order to create conditions of generalized fear.

During the second phase it’s been observed that public structures of subversive currents are equally attacked since they constitute meeting points and spaces where processes of political maturity take place among political subjects. This does not happen due to the danger they constitute presently but on account of a potential danger they could become in the future. So, power attempts to create rational divides among subversive circles causing a disunity among those who insist on continuing and intensifying an offensive mentality and those who call for retreat on account of  a supposed redeployment.

Lately, we ‘ve seen that the vindictive treatment of anarchist captives is constantly intensified as various repressive tactics are deployed. Simultaneously, we witness the implementation of a strategy of tension regarding public structures of anarchism (centres-squats) since the attacks against them by state and parastate have multiplied in comparison to previous years. Within the  generalized climate of social drought of the last few years, we estimate that an aggressive force is  gradually becoming perceivable, which might acquire a greater and more dangerous dimension in the future. A series of moves and campaigns such as Black December bring to the fore the aggressive apex of anarchy and the enemy knows well that they must hurry to strike back before a  tendency becomes a wave, as these aggressive apexes must be tackled now at the beginning because it’s certain that these subversive actions and moves will intensify resulting to the greatest possible dismantling of social fabric.

That is why the attacks against public structures of anarchy concern us all, since to overcome and especially to overcome aggressively a situation that power attempts throw anarchy in order to prevent an intensification of its offensive characteristics, is the road to conquer more territories  through our battles against power.

Because in these public structures we all have our first experiences with anarchy.  It’s where the first contacts, the first meetings and the initial processes of political maturity within the radical segments of anarchy, happen. Thus, what is harmed, among others, through these attacks, is this first image acquired by all those who begin a flirtation with anarchy.

It is a given that if there won’t be a dynamic reaction on the part of anarchy not only these attacks won’t come to an end, but on the contrary they will multiply and intensify drowning anarchy to defeatism, introversion and impasse. An organized offensive response on our part would ensure better correlations for the continuation and intensification of anarchist presence in metropolises in order to gradually raise the bar of social deregulation, something that, at least for us, constitutes a basic characteristic of anarchist strategy.

So, we welcome the proposition and calling made by Papamihelaki Squat, Continuous Deconstruction, and the Anarchist Library Teflon which are active parts of the Insurrectionary Conjunction of Theory and Practice, as well as Radiofragmata, for a coordinated campaign of action during the month of May, which will function as a response on the part of anarchy against all the attacks that took place in the last few months. A campaign that moves along the principles and the logic of anarchist polymorphy and informal coordination of anarchist action, as those were actively expressed via Black December. We believe that such a campaign, is the most appropriate way to use the legacies of the near past instead of placing them in mausoleums where the experiences within social movements are piled up with bets remaining open. This is the best way, so that the assessment of Black December and the discourse that followed through texts in support of creating an open platform of informal coordination of anarchist polymorphous action, is brought into existence.

This is a good opportunity to develop a polymorphous dynamic which will launch, in every way and by all means, a retaliation for each and every single attack against the public structures of anarchy so that the phrase »nothing remains unanswered» to escape from texts and announcements and  become a dangerous reality which will contribute, in its own way and as much as it can, to causing chaotic variables in the social space and time.

In order to contribute as much as we can to this particular campaign, we want to call on our comrades abroad to provide the campaign with an international framework on the footsteps of the legacy of Black December as well as the recent international campaign for a week of solidarity actions called by the anarchist squat La Solidaria in Uruguay in relation to the threat of its eviction. We also stand in support of the call by our comrades from the informal anarchist individualities who placed an explosive device at channel CORTV in Oaxaka, Mexico, an attack which, as they explain in their announcement for claiming responsibility, was an answer »against a wave of repression specifically centred around the anti-authoritarian and anarchist movement», a call to expand the attack against all enemies of anarchy.

This invitation is our own way to feel that we actively participate within the processes of anarchy through the elimination of distance created by confinement. This is our own way to place ourselves within a common field of struggle with those on the outside and at the same time to prove that physical confinement does not limit and in no instance does it captivate our desire to be a living part of the continuous anarchist insurrection.

»Determined to stand up against repression, we resisted knowing that maybe what we could have done was simply a small gesture. Our reason was meaningful without a shadow of a doubt. The centres resist, we are not giving them away, they are not abandoned and we accept all the consequences that our action could have caused… The most rational choice, according to the required rationality which has no principles nor ethics beyond comfort and terror, would be for us to abandon the house in order to protect our integrity , our »freedom» and our lives, but we did not do that».

These words come from the anarchist squat Saco and Vanzetti following an attack from the police in May 2009 which was triggered by the death of the anarchist Mauricio Morales, who died following the explosion of a bomb he was carrying and planned to place in an institution training  correctional officers. Mauricio was an active member of the Saco and Vanzetti occupation, outside of which many tough long-hour clashes took place, as people in solidarity had placed barricades and lit fires to obstruct cops from searching the squat. At the same time, two more occupied houses “Cueto con Andes” and “La Idea” were attacked by police raid units, snipers and helicopters. Finally, the determination of the comrades who clashed with the police outside Suco and Vanzetti Squat prevented an intrusion.

Consistent with our desire to honour our brothers and sisters who lost their lives in the battle against power, we propose the campaign Fuck Nations, Squat the World to function at the same time as a reminder of our dead brother Mauricio Morales who died during an explosion in Santiago, Chile, 7 years ago, on the 22nd of May. Mauricio, was an anarchist whose consistency in action and way of life proved that there are no conflicting forms of struggle within an authentic anarchist polymorphy. The fact that he participated in a squat did not prevent him from being a bomber at the same time, nor did  it prevent him from attempting an action of aggressive solidarity that aimed at blowing up a school of torturer wardens. The only obstacle before the choices he made was a tragic death that took him away from his sisters and brothers. Lets have Mauri in our hearts by lighting the flame of anarchist insurrection, the same flame that was burning inside of our brother until the end. Finally, we let his own words speak of him:

»Now is the time to act in our daily lives, along with those close to us, for the destruction of a prison-society and the destruction of every social effort to reform this disgusting system of death.

Solidarity must never be a meaningless slogan but on the contrary,  it must be a daily action of conflict against  power. And with the continuous support towards our captive brothers and sisters in this war until death.»

With the memory of the dead always among us
For the Insurrectionary Conjunction of Theory and Practice
We wholeheartedly support the Fuck Nations – Squat the World campaign

Members of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire – FAI/IRF
Harris Hatzimihelakis
Theofilos Mavropoulos
George Nicolopoulos
Mihalis Nicolopoulos
Damianos Bolanos
Panayotis Argyrou



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