Turkey: Repression against anarchist & revolutionary students at Istanbul Technical University


03.03.16: The Ayazaga Campus of Istanbul Techical University (ITU) has recently witnessed the efforts of jihadist fascists groups with supports of police and private security forces aiming that turn the campus into their propaganda place. Today, the private security forces with policemen raided the classrooms under pretext of ID checking at around 12 o’clock, just before the calling of revolutionist and anarchists students for press release at 12.30.

The students reacted to this police raid and Id checking and asked for them to show their identity as a response. During the brawl between the students and security forces, some of the students were taken into custody by policemen.

When the rest of students tried to gathered to protest these custodies, the security forces attacked to the students and they caught some of them and handed them over the policemen. During this attacked the members of private security shouted at the students: “We cut off your head” .

Right now, inside and outside of university is under siege by police and anarchist and revolutionary students are still in the middle of blockade.

To scrape fascism from the minds and the schools
Long live our Anti-fa struggle!

Istanbul Anarchy Initiative

via insurrectionnewsworldwide.com


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