Liberentia: Presentation text for the new anarchist collective for total liberation

We live in a world in which “regularity” seems to be the only way, the “normal” coincides with the “ethical”, the constructed scientific authority is systematically promoted as a principle, and whatever doesn’t comply to the norms is demolished and demonized. We live in a world where progress is synonymous with “development”, consumption and possession of more and more material goods is synonymous with prosperity.

Urbanization, in conjunction with our detachment from everything that’s natural, results in the mechanization of life under the ideology of time saving, the standardization of behaviors, the social pretentions, the sterilization of thought, the reproduction of stereotypes, the guided desires and the belief that our well-being depends on some experts, with the tolerance and often with the complicity of an hierarchical society.

As anarchists we question the authorities and the leaders, the subsidized research which springs from the perfect collaboration with the demands of the global capitalistic market, under the pretext of our information. We question the left-wing ecological sensitivity of the mild industrial activity and the underdevelopment, as well as the “green” capitalism, which scented the turn towards vegetarianism and the ecological mindset as a trend, creating artificial needs to the customers-consumers, before even producing the goods.  We recognize and demonstrate the paradox of the capitalistic management of the ecological issue. We don’t fall into the trap of the “organic” products, of the business of the renewable sources of energy, and the fairytale-like lie of the enterprises, which make a profit, updating “ecologically” and fragmentarily several fields of their production (hybrid cars, biofuels, products made from recyclable materials, “clean technologies”). Only someone naïve would expect from the corporations to set the natural world in a higher priority over profits, not being able to see the disastrous consequences of industry at the planet’s and animal species’ expense (deforestations, minings, factories, stock-farming, industrial agriculture, tourism, fishery and so on).

We deconstruct the anthropocentric model of civilization, which is based on the perception of nature as a product of organized and established relationships of authority. Taking as a fact that we are all animals, it is clear that we suffer into an everlasting and deplorable mesh of relationships, which emerge from the cultural machine itself, which produce authorities, in order to maintain the existing abdominal world; speciesism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, patriarchy, state control, borders and religions constitute forms of distinctions and oppression, which end up, by means of systematic propaganda, being excused in the consciences of the most.

We also reject the sterile apolitical vegetarianism/veganism, the animal-friendly compassion, which plead the sentiment, not only confronting the non-human animals as “miserable”, but also presenting human as their rescuer and liberator, the selective animal-friendliness, which classifies the non-human animals as cute kitties, filthy rats, sharks-murderers, dolphins-friends, proud-horses, donkeys-workers, and whichever attempt of humanization of the non-human animals, in general.

In contrast, we consider the biosphere and its species (human included) as an undivided whole, as an organism, which is crucial, in order to maintain its balance, to also maintain the biodiversity of all species separately.

The domestication and captivity as institutions established in the context of human civilization, have classified non-human beings in categories based on their utility regarding the service of their dominators: “pet” animals, laboratory animals, service animals for people with disabilities, protection animals, rearing animals, reproduction animals (pure breeds and other fascist shit like that), animals in parks for “training purposes” and the so called rescuing of endangered species… -endangered by whom I wonder?-, entertainment animals (circuses, arenas, duels), animals for predatory “sports” (hunting-fishing), animals that serve the society of the spectacle (cinema, TV shows), and the list can keep on going. These are crimes that more or less everyone knows about, but we stubbornly keep turning a blind eye, participating actively in the killing machine, and reinforcing the illusion that we are fighting for anarchy.

We oppose to the industry of any kind, the technology/techno science as control and suppression means (eugenics, genetic interventions, cameras everywhere, recording of electronic data), the domestication of human and non-human beings. We oppose to the institution of physical and intellectual confinement, including all of its faces: Cops and judges call it discipline the “psychiatrists” call it hospitalization and suppressive treatment, the educational establishments call it education, the vivisectionists call it science evolution, the breeders call it farm, the industry of standardized junk food call it cattery, the priesthood call it religion, the [states/countries] call it security and national unity. All of the above are just prisons with or without bars. Prisons are the cities, our apartments, the zoo’s, the mental hospitals and schools, the slaughterhouses, the borders and religions, jobs and the army,  the constructed gender roles and the “normal”.

There is only one war, and it is one against any kind of authority which attacks us wholly. We choose to  answer wholly as well, organized and furiously without any oppressive obsession about the so called superiority of the human race: Any discrimination which is done arbitrarily on the grounds of species, nationality/race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religions or other -natural or non-natural- characteristics, constitutes a foundation for a fascist mentality, and we are going to oppose it. For us there are no categories for the oppressed and we do not prioritize the right of self-determination, self-acting and free living – not surviving – for everyone.

We are against all forms of  authority, so we obviously abstain from everything that involves exploitation of human or non human animals. We are struggling for equality for all earthlings, with the strong belief that all struggles must take place unseparately, right here, right now.

Burn down all cells and cages. Freedom for the earth and the animals, human and non-human.

For anarchy.


Anarchist collective for total liberation

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