Greece: Short message to the proletarians of France



We watch your struggle against the neo-liberal labor reform, from March 9th 2016 (and maybe your reaction was late because of the blind attacks of islamofascists AND the French State). We know that French State trying for years to do its bosses (the bourgeoisie of the country) the favor and transform you into slaves. This is an attack against working class in global scale and your big (financial-capitalist) State plays a dominant role in this attack. If these measures be implemented there (on your country) it will be the most glaring example for the other governments to follow same models.

We see the courage and dynamics you show in the streets, in workplaces and squares against state oppression and repression. We see how you are braking in practice the state of emergency which has been imposed from November of 2015. These we don’t know are the processes leading up to these glorious protests of resistance. We don’t know what the syndicates say all these years. But we know that today they (syndicates) are fighting to repress you revolt. We have seen it in “our” country with lots of occasions these years, last of them was the appeal of GSEE (General Confederation of Greek Workers) to greek government to cancel the referendum!

We also saw these:

(Fascist scums tried to confuse the people)

“Unionists”, together with the cops, are trying to impose order (of bosses) against the proletariat. This is the time to drop the masks. Immediate confrontation of class traitors. Workers of France spit them and take the road for the new society. For the society which produce self-organized (without hierarchy and mediations) for all the people. For the society which demands less work and more wealth (material or not). For the society which will not be (as it is not in) need of leaders, borders, fences. For the society which will not be in need of the States and capitalists who are turning all the world in war fields for their profits.

Forward to the Anarchist (as political organization) and Communist (as financial organization) society.

P.S Don’t forget them: Immediate release of prisoners of the revolt!


Greece 26/05/2016