Hamburg: Updates June 28th – Cops Steal #Antifa Water Canon #NoG20

From today on we will publish regular updates with news about the NoG20 protests in Hamburg.

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June 28, 2017

Administrative court confirmed ban of closing rally at Heiligengeistfeld

The administrative court of Hamburg confirmed the ban of the closing rally at Heiligengeistfeld today. The closing rally of the No G 20 demo on July 8 now has to take place at Millentorplatz in Hamburg. The organisers of the demo can appeal at the higher administrative court.

Decision by Federal Constitutional Court on ban of protest camps

Its expected that the Federal Constitutional Court will decide tonight or tomorrow on the ban of protest camps in Stadtpark and Volkspark in Hamburg. In case the court devides to confirm the ban, activists are calling for an assembly and spontaneous demo at 07:00pm in the Rote Flora. The assembly will discuss how to fight for protest camps on a political level in the streets of Hamburg.

Riot cops from Berlin send home after excessive party and row with riot cops from Wuppertal

3 squads with in total 220 riot cops from Berlin were send home on Tuesday. The riot cops were in Hamburg during preparations of the G20 summit. In the night from Sunday to Monday riot cops were partying until 06:30am. The 3 riot squads from Berlin arrived on Sunday. Cops were seen having sex in public and urinating in a group on fences. Meanwhile neighbours had complained about “party noise” from the camp, while property damage was also reported. “One female officer was seen dancing on a table dressed only in a bathrobe with a weapon in her hand,” said B.Z. daily, which published photos of the cops posing with their drinks as well as the dining site in disarray after the party. Some of the cops involved stated they had no TV and were bored.

Hamburg: Updates June 28th - Cops Steal #Antifa Water Canon #NoG20
Image: Cops from Berlin partying on Sunday night in their base near Hamburg (We didn’t pixelate the image).

Tweet from the offical account of Berlin police:

There are also reports that a fight broke out between riot cops from Berlin and riot cops from Wuppertal. The riot cops from Wuppertal had to wake-up early to start their shift and couldn’t sleep because of the noise. In a leaked WhatsApp chat (screenshot below) a riot cop from Berlin wrote about the row:

Hamburg: Updates June 28th - Cops Steal #Antifa Water Canon #NoG20

200 riot cops stole oldtimer water canon of St Pauli fans in Hamburg

Hamburg: Updates June 28th - Cops Steal #Antifa Water Canon #NoG20

Earlier today more than 200 riot cops stole a oldtimer water canon of St. Pauli fans. The oldtimer was often used during demonstrations (as a sound truck).

Hamburg: Updates June 28th - Cops Steal #Antifa Water Canon #NoG20
Image: More than 200 riot cops were involved in todays repressive action.

The cops stated that the water canon had no operating license but the lawyer of the owner said that the cops had no right to take the oldtimer as it had an operating and park license. In that case its ordinary theft.

The oldtimer water canov was also used in this NoG20 mobilisation clip:

Fascist NPD Block Will Probably Have To Run

The German fascist NPD party seems to like sports. The Hamburg section of the NPD is mobilising for a NPD block at the NoG20 protests. With thousands of antifa activists in the city, its expected the NPD block will have to run through the city.

Hamburg: Updates June 28th - Cops Steal #Antifa Water Canon #NoG20

Image: Screenshot of the Hamburg section of the fascist NPD party, which is mobilising for a NPD block at the NoG20 protests.


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