Denver, USA: Starbucks attacked in solidarity with the Prison Strike

On the night of Monday October 24th we attacked a Starbucks on Colfax Ave here in Denver, CO because of their use of prison slavery. We smashed out almost almost of the windows and glass doors, including those of the drive-thru window and painted graffiti reading “#PRISONSTRIKE” and “END PRISON SLAVERY” on the building and also painted the drive-thru menu board.

We did this in solidarity with all those held captive in the prisons and jails who have been fighting so fiercely and bravely as part of the ongoing prison strike that started on September 9th. Your resistance and strength has been both inspirational and beautiful to us and we hope in turn this action inspires you to keep fighting and taking action on the inside.

A match has been lit; we are realizing our collective strength; the fire is spreading; our resistance is growing stronger and larger every day. Let continue to fan the flames of this fire until it burns down every prison and jail and this entire society built on systems of exploitation and domination!



Solidarity means ATTACK!

With love and solidarity – some Denver anarchist


The next morning it came to our knowledge that the Starbucks had been closed down for the day because of our actions. It should also be noted that aside from a sign in front of the store stating an apology for the closure that there was also a large banner draped over the “END PRISON SLAVERY” tag in an effort to conceal it… FUCK STARBUCKS!

UPDATE #2: Again, on October 26th, it came to our knowledge that the Starbucks we attacked not only had to close for the entire day of October 25th because of our attack, but that it also had to close early today, October 26th, and will be closed all day Thursday October 27th and Friday October 28th for repairs to things damaged by our attack. As has been stated so many times before, DIRECT ACTION GETS THE GOODS!


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